About Us
GAEA is an eclectic religious, educational and social organization devoted to the old age when the Goddess, Animals, Earth and Avalon were revered. The Avalon Grove has taught Goddess Allied Pathways that include, but is not limited to Asatru, Drago, Druid, Fae, Goddess, Isian, Magick, Mer, Pagan, Wicca and Witchcraft, since its inception.

What We Do
GAEA fills the Wheel of the Year with an active calendar of monthly religious rituals, social activities and educational classes. This includes the Esbats, Sabbats and other activities such as educational classes, personal enrichment activities, healing circles, environmentalism, discussion groups, community volunteer work, parties, trips and much more. We do not promote alcoholism, illegal drug use or anything else that is inappropriate for children and/or Military personnel; therefore, everything we do is “family/military friendly.”

How We Do It
GAEA is governed by the Global Avalon Path that follows an educational system of initiation and progression in an oath-bound path in accordance with typical coven protocols. The Global Avalon Educational Academy is the training facility for those interested in opening their own "GAEA Circle" as a "GAEA Circle Oracle Priestess or Priest." Other classes offered are Animal Magick, Aromatherapy, Elemental Magick, Healing Magick, Herbalism, Magickal Keeper, Oracle Seer, Rune Magick, StarGazer, Stone Deva, Tarot Magick and many more.

Where We Do It
GAEA conducts all activities in a protected Covenstead that is used by the GAEA Priesthood. It has a cozy, comfortable and relaxed atmosphere where our love of the Goddess is venerated, where we come together as a Coven in celebration of the turning Wheel and where we study our lessons together.

GAEA Frequently Asked Questions

What is Paganism?
In modern times, it has become defined as an umbrella term to describe any religious belief system that does not stem from the Triad religions known as Judaism, Islam or Christianity. Paganism is a universal belief system that provides an evolved version of humanity's spiritual purpose in the cosmos. It returns the Goddess to her rightful position along side the Green Man & Horned God, practices Environmentlism as a lifestyle and reintegrates science into spirituality. Most importantly, Paganism empowers you with the tools necessary to transform your life into the life you have always dreamed through the use of the universal tool known as magick.

What is a Pagan?
In our opinion, Pagans practice a nature-based religion observing the cycles of the seasons by using magick to transform our lives in the pursuit of our most passionate desires. Some are Earth Lovers, some enjoy teaching, some enjoy casting spells, some enjoy delivering Oracular messages, some enjoy unlocking the seals of knowledge about our existence, some seek power over their lives, some courageously delve into the darkness to reveal its secrets with most striving to create a peaceful future for Humanity, the Animal Kingdom and the Planet.

Is Paganism Devil Worshiping?
NO. Lucifer, Satan and the Devil are a creation from the Triad (Judaism, Islam and Christianity) as a source of all evil acts i.e. the ultimate \"evil-doer\" that battles their source of all good by poisoning the minds of humans. Paganism has no such creation mythology. However, the association of Paganism/Witchcraft as Devil Worshiping was highly popularized during the Christian Inquisition in an attempt to convert practitioners of the Ancient Pagan Religions to Christianity. Despite the apology from Pope John Paul II in October 1998 about the actions of the Christian Church during the Inquisition, members of the Christian Church continue to teach this false association.

For Example: In the King James Version of the Christian Bible, Exodus 22 Verse 18 states “Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.” This translation began and was completed during the Christian Inquisition. A time when anyone labeled a Heretic/Witch was put to death. It is well known that King James was extremely paranoid of Witches and Witchcraft; therefore, he decided to change the translation from the original meaning of “evil-doer” or “poisoner” to Witch. Unfortunately, almost all English translations used by Protestant Christian Churches are based upon King James translation, not the original translation of “not to let a “poisoner or evil-doer” live.

Why is GAEA in existence?
We truly enjoy sharing, teaching and experiencing Paganism with others. It is our goal to improve the human condition by providing a way for each person to meet the Goddess, practice spiritual environmentalism, establish science as the logical mechanism underlining religious beliefs and do our part to repair the damage done by the Triad.

Can anyone become a GAEA Member?
Yes, all are welcome at GAEA providing they are in agreement, harmony and alignment with our core beliefs and mission. Anyone with an agenda to circumvent the core beliefs of GAEA should not join.

What is the background of the GAEA Priesthood teachers?
All GAEA Teachers are graduates of the Stage V & above Priesthood courses. They have extensive experience teaching their own real Circles, Covens and Temples. This real world knowledge is incorporated into all the teachings, which allows the GAEA Priesthood to make personal assessments that identify areas where you need help and identify unique gifts that you possess.

Why should I entrust my training to GAEA?
GAEA works diligently to provide a comprehensive student driven educational experience. It is an intimately personal interactive program that delves into who you are spirituality with the goal of transforming your life into one of fulfillment. Additionally, we offer a warm, safe and sacred place to learn Paganism that is uplifted by the personal relationships found within our Grove. Each course is designed to encourage personal one-on-one instruction similar to what one would receive in a real Coven. This way no one feels alone on their path. If a road bump is reached, then someone is always available to help walk over the bump. Most importantly, our curriculum is sensible, comprehensive and filled with real world knowledge from actual Covens.

How are GAEA courses designed?
Each course is taught in an online environment where the latest technology is utilized. These technologies help to reinforce concepts thereby helping the student comprehend better. In addition to the technological advances, a personal review of all work is compiled by the Instructor to ensure each student has grasped the lesson objectives.

How long does it take to become a GAEA Priestess or Priest?
The length of completion is entirely determined by the student as this is a student driven curriculum. Not everyone learns at the same pace, plus life events can interfere, so each student works at their own pace. Once enrolled in a course, the student can come and go as they please without any penalty or being removed from the course. However, a minimum time requirement of 13 months is necessary to complete Stages 0 to V.

Do I have to start from the beginning if I am a Priestess or Priest from another religious pathway or have practiced Paganism before?
Yes. Everyone is encouraged to share their knowledge, experience and perspectives acquired before reaching our us. However, we ask all that join GAEA to do so as a Seeker . . . a magickal explorer searching for something new at GAEA. This ensures everyone travels a similar path acquiring the necessary knowledge about who we are.

Is there a fee or cost to join GAEA?
Yes. It costs $22.22 to begin the Stage 0: GAEA Public Pagan Pathway Course. If an invitation to join GAEA is received, then it costs $11.11 per month. This monthly fee includes access to The Avalon Grove and the remainder of the GAEA Pagan Pathway course curriculum.