Blessed Be


Welcome to GAEA

GAEA offers Friendship, Assistance and Education to anyone interested in meeting the Goddess, the Green Man and the Horned God. In honor of them, we provide this sacred space to meet, share and fellowship with others to build a strong support network in our world. We are open to all Goddess Allied Pathways, which includes but is not limited to Asatru, Drago, Druid, Fae, Goddess, Isian, Magick, Mer, Pagan, Wicca, Witchcraft and invite anyone to join us.

We at GAEA are shameless, ridiculous and totally able to laugh at ourselves. We are old, young and in between...female, male or any combination of the two. We live for gatherings, we delight in feeding people\'s souls and bellies, and we might at some point snuggle you to death. We love all things beautiful, especially our minds that we find sexy. We have a firm grasp on magick of all shades, but we know that magick is fluid and takes many forms, even silly ones and we do what works.

GAEA is an established Eclectic Grove with an established Coven within it for those interested in joining one. Anyone interested in becoming a GAEA Member should enroll in the Public Pagan Pathway Course. Just leave all Toads at home as they like to jump onto everything :-)

Who Are We?

GAEA is an eclectic religious, educational and social organization devoted to the old age when the Goddess, Animals, Earth and Avalon were revered. The Avalon Grove has taught Goddess Allied Pathways that include, but is not limited to Asatru, Drago, Druid, Fae, Goddess, Isian, Magick, Mer, Pagan, Wicca and Witchcraft, since its inception. We hope you will join us in learning about a new spiritual belief system that has not killed anyone. The only thing we can be guilty of is talking too much!

What We Do

GAEA fills the Wheel of the Year with an active calendar of monthly religious rituals, social activities and educational classes. This includes the Esbats, Sabbats and other activities such as educational classes, personal enrichment activities, healing circles, environmentalism, discussion groups, community volunteer work, parties, trips and much more. We do not promote alcoholism, illegal drug use or anything else that is inappropriate for children and/or Military personnel; therefore, everything we do is “family/military friendly.”

How We Do It

GAEA is governed by the Global Avalon Path that follows an educational system of initiation and progression in an oath-bound path in accordance with typical coven protocols. The Global Avalon Educational Academy is the training facility for those interested in opening their own \"GAEA Circle\" as a \"GAEA Circle Oracle Priestess or Priest.\" Other classes offered are Animal Magick, Aromatherapy, Elemental Magick, Healing Magick, Herbalism, Magickal Keeper, Oracle Seer, Rune Magick, StarGazer, Stone Deva, Tarot Magick and many more.

Where We Do It

GAEA conducts all activities in a protected Grovestead. It has a cozy, comfortable and relaxed atmosphere where our love of the Goddess is venerated, where we come together as a Coven in celebration of the turning Wheel and where we support each other in our lives.

Our Mission

GAEA's mission is to integrate a modern belief system into society that promotes harmony, well-being and prosperity for all to include people, animals, plants and the Earth by the introduction of new societal religious norms that perpetuate Advanced Earth Citizenship Rights, Gender Equality Rights, Worldwide Freedom Rights, Sexual Orientation Liberation Rights, Animal Protectionism Rights and Spiritual Environmentalism Rights supported by Philosophical Scientific Reinforcement.

  • Help people build a new society of world citizens that use altruistic means to learn, interact and exist together.
  • Help people evolve beyond religious organizations, teachings and mythologies that promote divisive societal actions.
  • Help people stop the manipulation of others through religious concepts.
  • Help people recognize that religion should never promote harm towards another.
  • Help people comprehend that religious holy wars should be avoided at all costs.
  • Help dispel the lies and deceptions propagated against Paganism by The Triad with their false association of Paganism with their Lucifer, Satan and/or Devil.
  • Help people learn a new meaning of life.
  • Help people learn a new purpose for existence.
  • Help people focus on making this world a peaceful Oasis.
  • Help people use science to explain its presence in the universe.
  • Help people provide a place where LGBT can find a safe, religious home.
  • Help people learn to allow a person’s spirituality to develop free from persecution.
  • Help people learn that Earth is sacred ground by practicing spiritual environmentalism.
  • Help people learn to use war for self-defense purposes and for those that cannot protect themselves.
  • Help people come together as one society of Earth Citizens that promotes harmony, well-being and prosperity for all.
  • Help people learn coexistence with nature and its inhabitants such as animals, plants and elements through environmentalist efforts.
  • Help people learn that each person is the ultimate creator of their lives through their thoughts, actions and desires, thereby determining their future, not some man-made omnipotent being.
  • Help bring light back to the world where darkness lies for the Goddess, the feminine energy and feminist spiritual religions by the reintegration of Goddess spiritual philosophies into society.
"Love, loyalty and friendship makes a family, not blood."


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