GAEA offers Friendship, Assistance and Education to anyone interested in meeting the Goddess, the Green Man and the Horned God. In honor of them, we provide this sacred space to meet, share and fellowship with others to build a strong support network in our world. We are open to all Goddess Allied Pathways, which includes but is not limited to Asatru, Drago, Druid, Fae, Goddess, Isian, Magick, Mer, Pagan, Wicca, Witchcraft and invite anyone to join us.

We at GAEA are shameless, ridiculous and totally able to laugh at ourselves. We are old, young and in between...female, male or any combination of the two. We live for gatherings, we delight in feeding people's souls and bellies, and we might at some point snuggle you to death. We love all things beautiful, especially our minds that we find sexy. We have a firm grasp on magick of all shades, but we know that magick is fluid and takes many forms, even silly ones and we do what works.

GAEA is an established Eclectic Grove with an established Coven within it for those interested in joining one.  Anyone interested in becoming a GAEA Member should enroll in the Public Pagan Pathway Course.   Just leave all Toads at home as they like to jump onto everything :-)